Friday, January 18, 2013

4-0 for January grade B-

Four winners, zero losers for January. I give myself a B- grade for month. I came in under invested and gradually put money to work. Just as important as the trades I took were the ones I avoided. Both gold and bonds seemed too risky to be selling options on. I almost sold puts on AMGN and it kept sliding lower and would have been a big loser. The BA Boeing trade was right before the bad news, but again, that will happen. The Boeing news was not like an earnings report, in that it was a surprise. 
I also avoided AAPL. I see that super popular stock as being more appropriate for more nimble traders. As long time readers know, I am a relatively slow moving position trader. I like to have time work for me, though with the low volatility it is getting tougher to make money by selling options. Again, eventually, the market will correct and go down, but the blast off seen at the beginning of the year often can keep flying for a while before that fuel runs out.

Net long APC BA

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