Monday, September 30, 2013

Buy LGF (sell puts) plus a stock list

Buy LGF via selling Nov 28 puts
An important date for Lionsgate Entertainment is November 22. This is when the second movie from The Hunger Games trilogy starts. For a long time, I have looked at that date as a kind of pivot for the stock. A time, when the easy bull money might well be over. As with everything I write and every position I take, I could be totally off, but it is my current thinking.

There is a modest sell off in stocks today. Most of the November positions I opened are in the red, some significantly so. However, the positions were all low risk, low reward, and the worst case, is that I get assigned some of the stocks at much lower prices (or roll the options out to the next month).

To my surprise, a Saturday chart review turned up a large crop of interesting charts for put sales (bullish): dow fdx hal hon low mmm mon nov nsc oxy pg qcom twx unp ups wmb

As always, nothing on this site is a recommendation to buy or sell. I may or may not take any new positions, but thought a few readers might find the list of interest. As I mentioned before, I will have limited computer access for the next couple of months, so my trades will tend to be reported late, sometimes very late.

Net long GLD SPY

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