Monday, March 31, 2014

1st quarter review, bonds & gold lead the pack

First quarter review, here are some ETFs that I track and sometimes trade:
TLT +7.1% U.S. 20-year Treasury
GLD +6.5% gold
SLV +4.3% silver
SPY +1.3% S&P 500
IWM +0.8% Russell 2000
EEM -1.9% Emerging markets

* These percentages are approximate and do not include the modest dividends.

Most of the gain for U.S. stocks for the quarter was from today's up move. For the most part, it was choppy trade and I am positive for the year, but only about 0.8%, or about in line with the Russell 2000 stock index.

At the extremes, gold was higher, and emerging markets lower. Gilead this month and Boeing last month are the two biggest losers for me, and why I am lagging behind. The option premiums for bonds and gold are too small for my favored strategy of selling naked puts to yield much gain.

April tends to be the a bullish month for stocks, and May more treacherous.

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