Saturday, March 05, 2016

Weekly: short covering

A nice 2% up week for the stock market has me scrambling. I cover four layers of SPY calls for big losses as the rally unfolds. The rally in DIS and TSLA is getting uncomfortable close to my mental stop levels. I initiate a new long in DPZ Dominos Pizza, a new short in MON Monsanto.

Here are the trades (c = calls, p = puts, weeklies denoted by W suffix, W1 is week1, sell means sell-to-open, cover means buy-to-close).

Tue Big rally today. I came in net short. I cover some SPY call legs for big losses.

Sell DPZ Apr 115 p 70 new long position in Dominos Pizza
DPZ recently broke out on earnings news.
I add to position as it rallies:
Sell DPZ Mar 125 p 65

Sell TSLA Mar 155 p 88 rebalance
Sell SPY Mar 190 p 105

Cover SPY MarW1 197 c 165 about a -600% loss
Cover SPY MarW1 178 p 01 for a 98% gain

Sell BRKB Apr 120 p 50
Sell TSLA Mar 210 c 111 Tesla lower on news of hedge fund Citron shorting it.

Cover SPY MarW2 180 p 05 about a 90% gain
Cover SPY Mar 198 c 252 about a 500% loss

Sell V Apr 65 p 36

Thu Buy MON vertical put spread 240 debit
Buy Jul MON 80 p 398
Sell Jul MON 70 p 158

Sell TSLA Apr 125 p 93
Cover SPY MarW2 199 c 220 about a 700% loss

Fri Sell TSLA Mar 165 p 94

Cover SPY Mar 200 c 256 about a 150% loss
Cover SPY MarW2 200.5 c 162 about a 600% loss

Sell MON Mar 100 c 15

Roll CMG: Cover Mar 430 p 62 about a 70% gain
Sell CMG Apr 430 p 233 gross 175 credit

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