Friday, July 21, 2017

Weekly: Lucky 11, new longs NFLX COF

Nasdaq finally declines on Friday, after ten straight up days. Straight line moves tend to be bad for premium sellers. I take some more losses: BA NVDA QQQ. All is not doom and gloom, because I am up for the week, the month. I'll post the monthly summary in a day or so. New longs include NFLX COF

Here are the trades (p = puts, c = calls, number near the end is price per contract, sell means sell-to-open, cover means buy-to-close):

Tue Cover NVDA Jul 165 c 345 for a 1000% loss
Sell NVDA JulW4 190 c 26

Sell NFLX AugW1 160 p 33 new long

Sell QQQ AugW1 135 p 18
Sell QQQ Aug 135 p 41

Wed More losses on sold calls, though there are some profits too
Cover BA Jul 210 c 115 for a 300% loss
Cover QQQ Jul 144 c 62 for a 250% loss

Cover COST Jul 175 c 01
Cover SPY Jul 212 p 01

Cover BA Jul 170 p 01

Roll BRKB for 58 credit: Cover BRKB Jul 170 c 142
Sell BRKB Sep 175 c 194

Sell BA AugW1 195 p 47

Thu Roll VRX: Cover VRX Jul 17.5 c 19 for a 50% lossSell VRX Aug 22 c 21

Sell TSLA strangle: Sell TSLA JulW4 295 p 88
Sell TSLA JulW4 360 c 41

Sell NVDA AugW1 148 p 42
Sell NVDA AugW1 182.5 c 62

Sell QQQ AugW2 136 p 25

Fri Cover IWM Jul 132 p 01
Sell COF Aug 80 p 22 earnings, new long

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