Saturday, March 24, 2012

OT: Manzanar Fishing Club

This is an off topic post about a new movie "The Manzanar Fishing Club" (link). It is about Japanese that were sent to internment camps in the U.S. during World War II. A buddy of mine, Harold Payne (link2) wrote a song for the movie.

It is easy to forget how bad things can get. Many folks like to complain, and use extreme language for modern day conditions. However, compared to being sent to a prison camp without trial, without hearing, with all your possessions and property taken by the government, because your grandparents were born in another country, most modern day Americans have little to complain about. Obviously, during that time period, some in other countries had it even worse.

The movie might also give some the useful perspective that even during the darkest times, simple joys such as going fishing can give people enough hope to make it through to better days.

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