Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Buy XRT (sell puts)

Buy XRT via selling Aug 50 puts @56.9
XRT is the retail ETF and is down a bit today. ORLY O'Reilly Auto stores said they will come in at the low end for the next quarter. Some other retailers such as M Macys were downgraded this morning. CMG Chipotle down hard on negative analyst comments.

Yesterday's entry on WFM Whole Foods is now in the red. Another recent long trade ALXN Alexion has the stock up, but premiums are also up, so I am still in the red on my short puts. The short straddle on TLT Treasury bond ETF is working well. It is a tough market. I'm sure a few traders have a hot hand, but it is likely a very few.

Net long LGF
Net neutral IWM SPY TLT

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