Saturday, September 29, 2012

End of 3rd quarter

Year to date returns for some ETFs:
+14.7% SPY S&P 500
+ 2.4% TLT 20-year US Treasury
+13.1% GLD gold
+24.3% SLV silver
+ 8.9% EEM Emerging Markets
+13.1% IWM Russell 2000

Plus signs all around, with the bigger plus signs in metals and U.S. stocks. Sell-stocks-in-May started as a good idea this year, as the stock market moved lower, but the rally has moved past the April highs. Silver was one of the laggards in 2011, and treasuries a strong performer in 2011. In 2012, the roles are reversed with Treasuries barely positive and volatile silver a strong performer.

Regression to the mean is a powerful tendency in markets. The other side of that is the huge money can be made in trending markets by aggressive traders. Range traders and trend traders tend to be opposite styles. It is difficult to master both kinds of dances. To do one well, is enough to make decent money, as long as position size and risk management are strong. The latter two are vital no matter what kind of style, no matter what kind of vehicle.

Many successful traders believe that risk management and right sizing of positions are far more important than the kind of indicators used, or if a person is a trend follower, or a range trader.

I wish I had some bold predictions or insight into the markets. Unfortunately, I've had little time to look at or think about the markets, or to reinvest the money that was freed up at September option expiration. For now, I am content with my smallish low risk positions.

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