Friday, March 15, 2013

14-0 for March, grade A-

Fourteen winners, zero losers for the March option cycle. When the stock market goes straight up, I will tend to underperform. I am glad for the many small profits. BA and LGF had strong run ups. My short strangles (selling the calls and the puts) all worked out.

So why the A- and not A or A+? Because I lagged the indexes, and because there were opportunities for some home runs in Boeing and Lions Gate that I did not take advantage of. I have been trading LGF for a full year now, was still reluctant to play this rally even in a small way. The secure thought is that if I can keep grading out at A-, it is going to be a fine year.

I am getting slightly better at profiting during extended bull moves. I am letting go of the idea of getting in at the low tick and am happy if I am in on a decent day or within a day or two. 

Net neutral APC KORS

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