Saturday, December 27, 2014

Weekly: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I trust all had a good holiday. A quick update for a quiet holiday up week.
Wed I ping-pong on AMGN, in a wrong-way fashion, and rebalance again.
Sell AMGN Jan 148 p
Sell IWM Feb 106 p

Tue I rebalance short strangles in Amgen and Honeywell. I hedge my neutral position in SPY.
Sell SPY Feb 220 c
Sell HON Feb 92.5 p
Sell AMGN 175 c

Mon I rebalance my position in Federal Express by selling puts
Sell FDX Jan 165 p .58

I didn't check my deltas so won't post a new position summary. Next week may be even quieter for me, so HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the readers. May you have the best year ever!

I'll post a year in review at some point. There was some good, some bad, some ugly. 

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