Saturday, December 20, 2014

Weekly: Playing with fire, getting burned

Selling options with only a short time until expiration is playing with fire. This week, I get burned by selling some calls for this cycle. Calls on WHR, UNP, AMGN all became big time losers. Whirlpool was the worst, and I took a 2500% percentage loss basis the option premium collected. 

As almost always, my positions are small dollar amounts. I also had enough offsetting options expire worthless so the week was profitable. It is still painful to have a firecracker blown up in your hand, so to speak, though.

Here are the trades:
p = puts / c = calls, all are the monthly third week of expiration options.

Sat Assignments on calls in ASH at 115 and WHR at 185. Ashland was a nice, though small profit. Whirlpool a mind-numbing, shell-shocking loss.

Fri New long position in KMX, up on earnings. 
Sell KMX Jan 60 p

Thu Ouch! I get burned by the monster two-day rally. Selling short term calls is playing with fire, and an entire finale rack went off in my face (a finale rack is the big ending of a major fireworks show). The percentage loss on the short WHR calls is about 2500%, on the UNP and AMGN about 300%, in two or three days!!! Now don't get the wrong impression, my trading account is up big during the past two days, but would have been up even more had I not played with fire.

Buy WHR shares @190.98 to cover short calls. I bite the bullet instead of trying to finesse for a better price. As it turns out I am on the bad side of the price curve, but with such a shell-shocking percentage loss (2500%), rational logic is difficult to discern.

Cover short AMGN Dec 167.5 calls
Cover short UNP Dec 118 calls
Sell IWM Jan 108 puts
Wed Sell FDX Jan 180 c

Tue Sell WHR Dec 185 c

Mon Sell IWM strangles:
Sell IWM Feb 126 c
Sell IWM Feb 92 p

Sell AMGN Dec 167.5 c
Sell JWN Jan 82.5 c

Sell NKE Jan 105 c
Sell UNP Dec 118 c 

Position Summary
net long NKE SPY
net neutral AMGN APC WHR YHOO
net short BBY FDX IWM JWN
expired GLD TLT
assignments on ASH 115 calls, WHR 185 calls, both covered by stock purchases

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