Saturday, November 07, 2015

Weekly: Missing the boat

For the most part I have been too cautious, too delta neutral during the recent big rally. I expected another leg down into late November. Instead, it has been rally mode for SPY and many stocks. AMZN has had a huge move after the earnings pop and I feel like I missed that boat and many others. Interest rates ticked higher this week after the employment report.

Highlights of a relatively quiet and tepid week of trading for me include small new long positions in FB and TSLA on earnings. I didn't have the guts to add to CMG on news and a downgrade. 

Here are the trades (c = calls, p = puts, sell means sell-to-open, weekly options have the W suffix, NovW2 means week two, all others are third week expration. The last number is price per contract.

Mon 11/2/15 Sell CMG Nov 690 c 35 rebalance as Chipotle moves down on news

Sell IBB Nov 280 p 55 rebalance
Sell DIS Dec 100 p 71 rebalance

Tue Sell DIS Nov 104 p 38 rebalance

Wed Sell TSLA NovW2 200 p 40 earnings
Sell SPY Nov 199 p 31 rebalance

Thu Sell FB Nov 100 p 28 earnings
Sell IWM Dec 104 p 43 add to longs

Sell DIS Dec 130 c 34 rebalance
Sell TSO Dec 95 p 57 rebalance

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