Saturday, November 28, 2015

Winner winner Chipotle dinner

I stumble into a huge winner on CMG. I was assigned last Friday at 545 and sold Monday for 567. Other than that the week was quiet. Here are the trades: (c = calls, p = puts, sell means sell-to-open, last number is price per contract, all are third week expiration unless noted with a W).

Mon My lucky day as I sell CMG shares for a big winner.
Sell CMG shares @567.79

Sell BA Dec 135 p 31 reestablish long
Sell XOM Dec 70p 22 new long

Sell JBLU Dec 23 p 20 reestablish long
Sell AMZN Jan 555 p 277 rebalance

Tue Sell AMZN Jan 800 c 151
Sell FB DecW1 111 c 19

Sell IWM Jan 98 p 23
Sell MCD Dec 100 p 18

Wed Sell NKE Jan 110 p 48
Sell TSO Dec 103 p 38

Sell V Jan 70 p 28
Sell DIS Jan 97.5 p 28
Sell AMZN Dec 580 p 113

Fri Sell DIS Jan 130 c 37
Sell DIS Jan 92.5 p 33

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