Saturday, December 05, 2015

Weekly: Blurred vision

I was so busy with other things, that the market week feels like a blur. I did make some trades, mostly erring on what I see as the side of extra caution. I didn't navigate the big dip and big rally very well. Rarely do I. I tend to balance back towards delta neutral and this results in whipsaws on the short sharp moves.

Here are the trades, not much stands out in my mind. A lot of cautious chicken-ish trades for not much premium, at a high probability. (c = calls, p = puts, sell means sell-to-open, cover means buy-to-close, all are 3rd week expiration unless noted).

Mon Sell BA Jan 130 p 53
Sell DIS Dec 122 c 20

Tue Sell IWM Jan 103 p 24
Sell FB Jan 87.5 p 30
Sell TSO Jan 95 p 50
Sell BRKB Jan 120 p 25

Wed Sell TSO Dec 130 c 24
Sell TSO Jan 135 c 41

Thu Sell BA Dec 152.5 c 19
Sell IWM Jan 124 c 20
Sell V Dec 82.5 c 17
Sell DIS Jan 125 c 31
Sell SPY DecW4 185 p 31
Cover FB Dec 95 p 37 for about a 66% winner

Fri Sell BA Dec 139 p 30
Sell DIS Dec 105 p 32
Sell V Dec 74 p 17
Sell SPY Dec 196 p 40
Sell SPY Jan 186 p 48

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