Friday, January 01, 2016

Two weeks of trades

Like some folks, I was too busy with holiday activities to pay much attention to the markets. I did manage about an hour per day, total time, to do a few trades. Almost all are the same as the recent past. Selling way out of the money premium. Rebalancing if there is a big move. Taking the loss if the underlying crosses the strike price.

Here are two weeks of trades. My yearly update will be posted soon. (c = calls, p = puts, sell means sell-to-open, cover means buy-to-close, all are third week options unless noted).

12/28/15 Mon Sell IWM Feb 97 p 36
Sell IWM Feb 123 c 17
Sell DIS Feb 90 p 58
Sell COST Feb 140 p 47

Tue Sell BA Feb 125 p 62
Sell MCD Feb 105 p 60
Sell FB Feb 85 p 50
Sell IWM Feb 101 p 41

Wed Sell BA Jan 135 p 26
Thu Sell AMZN Jan 745 c 65
Sell MCD Jan 130 c 40

12/21/15 Mon Sell COST Jan 145 p 50
Sell DIS Jan 115 c 53

Wed Sell DIS Jan 112 c 43
Sell BA Jan 130 p 31
Sell CMG Jan 385 p 150
Sell CMG Jan 600 c 50

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