Friday, April 29, 2016

Weekly: Bonds, gold, pizza, and Mercury

Mercury went retrograde on Thursday, and the stock market turns. Gold and bonds have been the big winning asset classes during calendar 2016. I initiate some small long positions in gold, gold miners and bonds (selling puts GLD, GDX, TLT). Pizza was the big sour note of the week. Dominos Pizza DPZ earnings disappointed and I took a big loss.

Chipotle CMG continued to be a lucky stock for me, as do Tesla TSLA and Valeant VRX. Here are the trades (c = calls, p = puts, all are third week expiration unless noted, sell means sell-to-open, cover means buy-to-close)

Mon Sell CMG AprW5 380 p 195 Chipotle has drifted lower into earnings. Sentiment on the Yahoo boards is also mostly negative. Even with a negative report, I am at the 8% probability line.

Sell VRX strangles: AprW5 for 44 gross Valeant slightly higher with news of a new CEO
Sell VRX AprW5 24.5 p 28
Sell VRX AprW5 50 c 16

Sell MCD May 120 p 29 rebalance

Tue Sell CMG May 335 p 50 Add to longs ahead of earnings news.

Wed Sell CMG Apr 475 c 60
Cover CMG AprW5 380 p 11 90% profit, taking my money and running
Cover ISRG May 550 p 55 35% profit, don't like tape action

Sell PNRA May 200 p 65 earnings

TSLA ratio spread 203 gross / bullish earnings play
Buy TSLA May 275 c 522
Sell 2x TSLA May 300 c 160x2

Sell TLT Jun 120 p 29

Sell GLD Jun 109 p 23

Sell TSLA AprW5 262.5 c 28

Buy SPY put vertical 140 gross
Buy SPY Jul 200 p 281
Sell SPY Jul 190 p 141

Sell PNRA May 230 c 25 rebalance

Thu Sell FB May 107 p 26 rebalance
Sell DPZ May 130 c 65 rebalance, earnings poor

Sell CMG May 370 p 94 rebalance
Sell GDX Jun 19 p 20

Sell MON May 89 p 44 rebalance
Sell JNJ May 116 c 16

Sell XLE Jun 76 c 16
Cover DPZ May 120 p 295 about a 550% loss

Fri Market sell off continues as Mercury has gone retrograde. I sell some more calls to rebalance my positions.

Sell YUM May 86 c 28 rebalance
Sell JNJ May 115 c 20

Sell SPY May 213 c 25
Sell XOP Jun 43 c 20

Sell UA May 48 c 15
Sell UNH May 138 c 24

Sell SPY June put backratio 18 gross:
Buy SPY Jun 190 p 130
Sell 2x SPY Jun 183 p 74 per

Sell CTXS May 87.5 c 20 rebalance
Sell UNP May 94 c 21

Cover TSLA AprW5 237.5 p 05 85% profit
This last one was a nail-biter as the low for the day was 238 or so. I closed it for a nickel rather than risk a last minute move.

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