Saturday, December 31, 2016

Weekly: ending with a whimper

The year ends with a whimper. I do a few trades. At the Christmas party, I told folks that my predictions are about as good as coin flips. Directional trading is not my cup-of-tea. Selling premium, managing risk, taking losses (vs. defending positions) are what I tend to do.
Sell means sell-to-open, number is price per contract.

Tue Sell TSLA Jan 190 p 92
Sell NVDA Jan 95 p 46

Sell UNH Feb 140 p 64
Sell DIA Feb 182 p 59

Thu Sell TSLA 255 c 40
Sell JPM Feb 70 p 17

Sell C Feb 50 p 25
Sell GS Feb 180 p 30

Fri Sell SPY Jan 211.5 p 34
Sell IWM Jan 123 p 18
Sell NVDA Jan 87 p 34

Happy New Year to all.

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