Saturday, December 03, 2016

Weekly: Small potato trader

With little time for trading, I do a few small potato trades just to keep some skin in the game. This week oil rallies on news of production cuts. I did about half as many trades in in November 2016 as I did in October.

Trades follow, sell means sell-to-open, p means puts.

Wed Sell SPY Dec 211 p 36
Sell IWM Dec 122 p 19

Sell APC Dec 60 p 31
Sell XLE Dec 69 p 22

Sell XOP Dec 36 p
Sell SPY Jan 190 p 28

Thu Sell NVDA Dec 72 p 19
Sell XLE Dec 71 p 24
Sell XOP Dec 38 p 15

Fri Sell GS Dec 205 p 49

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