Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekly: More new highs

Market continues to bull ahead. These posts are sounding familiar. I am positioned a bit too conservatively. I add some long delta as the rally rolls on. Here are the trades (sell means sell-to-open, p = puts, c = calls, number at end of line is price per contract)

Wed Sell NVDA backratio for nothing:
Buy NVDA Feb 108 p 204
Sell 2x NVDA Feb 103 p 104 each

Sell PNRA strangle: Sell PNRA Mar 215 p 89
Sell PNRA Mar 255 c 32

Thu Bull is leaving without me, so I add long delta:
Sell IWM Mar 124 p 39
Sell SPY Mar 215 p 45
Sell DIA Mar 190 p 47

Fri Cover NVDA Feb 108 p 32 for a 80% loss on this leg
I am thinking the Feb 103 puts are safe
Sell BRKB Jun 150 p 152

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