Friday, June 02, 2017

Weekly: Good news and bad news

On Thursday, the bull market accelerates to the upside. The good news is that the rally is broadening. The bad news is that June is typically a flat month, and that the summer rally is often the weakest rally of the year. That said, a lot of stocks look bullish. I roll a bunch of sold puts up in price, and out to July. I leg into an iron condor in AMZN. New long are FDX JPM. Also in the cup half empty category is that I am up for the week, but am falling further behind SPY as it roars ahead.

Here are the trades (p = puts, c = call, sell means sell-to-open, cover means buy-to-close, number near the end of line is price per contract).

Tue Sell NVDA Jul 120 p 83
Sell TSLA Jun 285 p 69
Sell AMZN vertical call spread for 100 credit:
Sell AMZN Jul 1110 c 303
Buy AMZN Jul 1130 c 203
Roll QQQ: Cover Jun 122 p 03 for 90% profit
Sell QQQ Jul 129 p 35
Wed Sell AMZN vertical to turn into Iron Condor:
Sell AMZN Jul 875 p 255
Buy AMZN Jul 855 p 175
Sell JPM Jun 77.5 p 21 buy-the-dip

Roll HON: Cover HON Jun 120 p 02
Sell HON Jul 120 p 33
Roll SPG: Cover SPG Jun 185 c
Sell SPG Jul 175 c 43
Roll BA: Cover BA Jun 165 p 07
Sell BA Jun 177.5 34
Thu Bull market rally accelerates to the upside. I roll a bunch of positions to increase long delta. The only loser is the SPY Jun 218 p which was part of a back ratio.

Roll MSFT: Cover MSFT Jun 62.5 p 03
Sell MSFT Jul 62.5 p 20

Rebalance WYNN as it gaps higher
Sell WYNN Jun 124 p 34
Cover WYNN Jun 110 p 05
Cover WYNN Jun 115 p 05

Cover RCL Jun 97.5 p 03
Rebalance SPY:
Cover SPY Jun 215 p 05
Sell-to-close SPY Jun 218 p 35
Roll IWM:
Cover IWM Jun 123 p 05 
Sell IWM Jul 125 p 46
Cover ADSK Jun 95 p 03
Cover NVDA Jun 110 p 03
Cover WDC Jun 75 p 03

Fri Sell IWM Jul 127 p 42
Sell RCL Jul 97.5 p 23
Sell BA Jul 170 p 46
Sell FDX Jul 170 p 40

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