Saturday, April 08, 2017

Dreams and Nightmares TSLA

Its been a dream run for TSLA call buyers, and a nightmare for call sellers. I got caught and closed one leg for a monster 2500% loss. Call buyers dream of these kind of big moves.

Telsa booms higher causing much discomfort. The market recovers from a modest sell off. I rebalance closer to delta neutral in TSLA and BRKB, but it stinks.
Sell TSLA Apr 265 p 110
Sell BRKB May 170 c 168
Sell TSLA May 235 p 182
Sell TLSA AprW2 275 p 73
Tue Tesla continues to run and I cover one leg for a monster loss
Cover TSLA Apr 300 C 998 for a 2500% loss
Sell TSLA AprW1 280 p 60
Sell VRX Jul 17.5 c 15
Wed Sell VRX Apr 11 c 11
Sell SPY Apr 228 p 19
Sell TSLA Apr 335 c 32 and 30
I sold two of these calls because there a lag in my connection and thought the first order hadn't gone in.
Cover TSLA Apr 220 p 02 for a 98% profit

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