Sunday, April 23, 2017

Two weeks of quiet trading with landmines

Weekly: Another week, another land mine GS 
Another trading week, another one of my positions blew up. Goldman Sachs moved lower on earnings. I close some sold puts for a large percentage loss.
Here are the trades for two weeks (p = puts, c = calls, number at end is price per contract).

4/18/17 Tue Goldman Sachs drops after its earnings report. I cover this leg for a large loss.
Cover GS Apr 220 p 335 for a 350% loss
Sell UNH May 155 p 40 earnings
Sell BRKB Jun 170 c 162 rebalance
Sell VRX Jul 12.5 c 38 rebalance
Sell VRX Jul 5 p 17 rebalance
Thu Sell CSX May 45 p 22
Sell FL May 67.5 p 30
Sell BRKB May 155 p 46
Sell BABA May 97.5 23
Fri Sell HON May 120 p 46

4/14/17 Good Friday Weekly: an off week 
I don't do much other than take a second monster loss in TSLA. Market came down a bit. I am in the yellow as far as buying power. Please check out the post previous to this for a lengthy write up on the book, Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas.

4/10/17 Mon Telsa nightmare continues
Cover TSLA Apr 310 c 9.3 for a 2100% loss

Tue Sell BRKB Jun 175 c 89
Sell TIF May 100 c 41

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