Friday, February 15, 2013

10-1 for February, A- grade

Ten winners, one loser for the February option cycle, I Ten winners, one loser for the February option cycle. I give myself an A- for the month.
A bit of luck, and a bit of skill, yield a lot of small winners. The one loser was part of a vertical spread on AMZN, so really there were no losers. Even the worst entry of selling puts on Boeing (BA) before the 787 grounding news worked out, with me making money on both sides of the short strangle (selling puts and calls). I didn't take many risks, so the winners were all small fish. I was a bit lucky especially on AMZN.

The tight and narrow advance looks like big money scaling in. It won't last forever, but while it does last, shorts, especially option buying shorts are being punished. Eventually, the trend breaks, the elephants stall or turn and run. Worst case is that the elephants stampede, and then the stock market bulls get their turn at being punished.
Net long APC

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