Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Buy LGF (sell puts)

Buy LGF Lions Gate via selling Mar 19 puts @20.0

I was already short Mar 14 puts. I interpret the short term action as constructive. There is a shelf of short term support at 19.2. I mentioned the Lions Gate earnings report in Tuesday's post. 

I believe the best is yet to come for LGF. For years, this company had losses, so no matter how strong the franchises were, most money managers would not, could not buy. Two quarters of earnings, with upside surprises, may bring in more institutional support. Yes, LGF has had a good run, so there is risk in going long at this time. A SeekingAlpha write up said to wait for a pullback to 19, so there are some small fish likely waiting to get in at that price.

Net long APC
Expiring this Friday AMZN EBAY GPS LEN TBT

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