Friday, February 22, 2013

Buy BRKB LGF SPY (sell puts) hedge KORS

Buy BRKB via selling Apr 90 puts @100.7
Berkshire Hathaway has a chart base at 90, which is also where it broke out at the start of the year.

Buy SPY via selling Mar 142 puts @151.4
SPY is the S&P 500 ETF, the first ETF, and still the biggest. There is a gap at 142 to 145, again from the start of calendar 2013. I believe 145 will be support, and 142 gives me an extra margin of safety.

Buy LGF via selling Apr 19 puts @20.6

I also add to my longs in Lions Gate Entertainment by selling Apr 19 puts. Chart continues to look constructive to me, with a shelf of support at 19.2.

Sell KORS via selling Mar 65 calls @59.3
Michael Kors priced a secondary offering at 61.5 and that put pressure on the stock. The principle is also selling some of his shares. The recent high was 65.1. I am already short KORS Mar 55 puts.

All three put sales are low risk, low reward trades. The call sale, a hedge. I am putting some money to work from the 11 positions that expired last week. I am a bit skittish about the stock market because February and March have often seen quick and fast drops. 

Elsewhere, bonds and gold charts have broken down. The weak seasonality for bonds extends to April. Gold doesn't look good, but I am reluctant to trade it from the short side. $1500 on physical gold may provide round number support. Volatility has perked up a little bit.

Net long APC KORS

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