Sunday, January 29, 2017

Weekly: Plowing ahead

The bull market plows ahead. Happy Year of the Rooster for those that follow that lunar calendar. The lunar calendar is where my screen name comes from (year of the Tiger).

Anyway, Dow 20,000 came in with modest celebration. I went to a local IBD meetup. The market is in good relatively shape. So I added more longs. With option expiration, I came into the week with a lot of buying power.

Here are the trades, p = puts, c = calls, sell means sell-to-open, the number at the end is the price per contract.

Mon Sell QCOM strangle: 
Sell QCOM Feb 50 p 51
Sell QCOM Feb 63 c 23

Tue Sell BRKB Mar 155 p 138
Sell BABA Feb 92 p 25

Sell NFLX Feb 125 p 33

Sell XLE strangle: 
Sell XLE Mar 68 p 33
Sell XLE Mar 80 c 20

Sell UNH Mar 140 p 59
Sell IWM Feb 125 p 22

Sell SPY Feb 216 p 30

Thu Sell IBM Feb 165 p 37

Sell RCL Feb 85 p 25
Sell RCL Mar 82.5 p 52

Sell BRKB Feb 160 p 67
Sell BRKB Mar 160 p 1.7

Sell QCOM Feb 60 c 14
Sell AVGO Feb 187.5 p 74

Fri Sell WYNN Mar 85 p 49
Sell BA Mar 150 p 60

Sell MSFT Mar 60 p 19

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