Saturday, January 07, 2017

Weekly: Trump rally rolls on

The rally rolls on, with a few fits and starts. Overall, I find the strength to be remarkable. I expect more profit taking with some folks booking their gains for 2017. I did a few more trades, but remain cautiously bullish. I sold some out of the money calls this week, so don't believe in a runaway bull scenario. Cautious bull yes, rocket ship bull no.

Sell means sell-to-open, number at end of line is price per contract.

Tue Sell XLE Feb 67 p 22
Sell GM Feb 30 p 23

Sell NVDA Jan 125 c 34
Sell NVDA Jan 120 c 37

Wed Sell Feb SPG 150 p 44
Sell RTN Feb 125 p 33

Thu Sell SPY Feb 238 c 17
Sell TSLA Jan 192.5 p 31
Sell XLE Feb 83 c 15

Fri Sell GM Feb 42 c 13
Sell BA Feb 180 c 20

Sell COST strangle: 
Sell COST Feb 145 p 39
Sell COST Feb 175 c 30

Sell AMGN Jan 145 p 23
Sell SPY FebW1 216 p 33

Sell IWM Feb 120 p 32
Sell NVDA JanW4 87.5 p 36

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