Saturday, January 21, 2017

Weekly: regrets?

At the end of the week, I regret some of my BRKB trades. BRKB closed at 160.22 so both side of the 160 strangle would have come in. Instead, I take a loss on one leg, and roll the other leg. There is the illusion of perfection,. that a trader can or should know future prices. As many expected the presidential inauguration did not move markets.

Here are the trades: Cover means buy-to-close, sell means sell to open, p = puts, c = call. The number at the end is the price per contract.
Tue Cover BRKB Jan 160 p 112 for a 200% loss
Sell UNH Feb 170 c 47

Thu Sell TSLA strangle: Sell TSLA JanW5 222.5 p 34
Sell TSLA JanW5 262.5 c 34

Roll BRKB: Cover BRKB Jan 160 c 55
Sell BRKB Feb 160 c 246

Fri Sell SWKS Feb 77.5 p 40
Sell MRK Feb 57.5 p 20

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